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Own your very own Business ! Lock Medix will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the business.The Lock Medix system was developed by an experienced Locksmith,Not a Retail Manager.The developer of Lock Medix has the experience needed to survive in this tough economy.As we all know,Todays economy puts a major financial strain on our lives,wondering how were going to make it to the next week.Lock Medix has a proven system that is recession proof that allows you to get into the business for a small investment while offering you the tools you need to grow your new business.Lock Medix has Smart Phone apps for both the Android and I Phone.As well as a custom toll free number that is easily remembered by your customers when in need of your services.Lock Medix provides you with the following:

1) Use of our Exclusive Toll Free Number (855-WE POP IT) Routed to your location
2) Use of our Smart Phone Apps for Android & I Phone "My Locksmith"
    Routed to your location
3) General Liability Insurance partner discounts
4) 24-7 Phone Support, Call anytime you have a Technical Question or Problem Can be         reached via Skype as well.
5) Invoices (Monthly allowance provided by the corporate office)
6) Business Cards (Monthly allowance provided by the corporate office)
7) Service Vehicle Decal (Lock Medix name),Uniform Shirt
8) Marketing Assistance Direct Mail & Online Advertising Assistance
9) Contract Assistance for Locksmith Services & Roadside Assistance (With Package 2&3)
10) Vehicle Unlock Tool Set (Long Reach Tool,Door Wedge & Air Wedge) (Extra Cost)
11) Use of our Exclusive Marketing logs,Dispatch Logs & Daily activity logs
12) General forms for the operation of your new business
13) Graphics and Logos for Advertising
14) Exclusive Web based Dispatch System for dispatching calls
15) List of preferred vendors & much more

Options:                                                                                      License Fee (Monthly)
1) Vehicle Unlock Service                                                        $ 99.95 per month,per location
2) Roadside Assistance & Vehicle Unlocks                             $149.95 per month.per location
3) Commercial,Residential,Roadside & Vehicle Unlocks     $199.95 per month,per location 

                                 IMPORTANT,PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING

Please understand that before you proceed to pay the application fee or the monthly location fee,That there is NO REFUNDS! due to the confidential information that is being supplied to you.If you do not agree to these terms,Do not proceed.All Income described 
in any advertisement is a estimate,which depends on how big or small that you want the
business to be.We cannot run the business for you.The more effort that you put forth,The better results that you will see out of it.

              (Background Check,Application & License Agreement Processing)


Contact to inquire about the Buy-in amount for your area (Based on population) and each location is sold by county.

Click below to pay for option #1    $99.95Month
 (Vehicle Unlocks only)

Click below to pay for option #2    $149.95 Month
(Vehicle Unlocks & Roadside Assistance)

Click below to pay for option #3    $199.95 Month
(Vehicle Unlocks,Roadside Assistance,Commercial & Residential)



Request for consideration & License agreement must be signed before we can proceed.

Lock Medix does not have direct relationships with any company that we refer our
partners to. We simply refer you to the different companies and Based upon the need in your area,They may utilize your services.

Our #1 Goal is to see all of our locations be #1 in the Locksmith Industry.

Simply fill out our Contact us form and a onboarding specialist will contact you
about our exciting Locksmith Business Opportunity.

Lock Medix
We help you get established as your very own Lock Medix Location and provide you
with contract assistance for all of the Roadside Assistance companies and all of the
Commercial contracts with the Big retailers.This package also includes items 1-15

Monthly Fees:  
Ranges between $99-$199


We have been asked numerous times,"Why is this opportunity lower cost than others"?

 Lock Medix
 has one goal,To help individuals get into business and to
build a nationwide network of professional locksmiths.Lock Medix
not concentrate on "Making alot of money"off of one person,We are not like
other opportunities where you are charged $30-50k for the useage of a name.We go far beyond that measure and give you assistance every step of the way.Lock Medix wants to earn your trust and have a long working partnership within our professional network.

Click here for our U.S. Trademark Certificate
Click here for our State of Alabama Corporation Registration

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